As much as our Lutz community has offered us, as residents, there are times when we are called upon to return the loyalty back to our community and neighbors. Especially, in times of natural crisis and need. One of the best ways for us to "protect and preserve" Lutz, is to volunteer our time, skills, talents, and resources.

The Coalition's Lutz Volunteer Disaster Response Team (LVDRT) is one such way for YOU to help your community and Lutz neighbors. Constructed similarly to the "Cajun Navy", that made such a HUGE difference to the Houston area during hurricane Harvey, the LVDRT is a way of compiling and maintaining an informal but comprehensive list of available people, equipment, and expertise that can be called upon to assist and augment our local emergency agencies should Lutz suffer a natural disaster.

With hurricane Irma heading in this direction, we felt it imperative to begin this propgram as soon as possible. We have conferred with the heads of our local emergency services agencies, and they are 100% supportive!

If you are interested in participating in this important venture, we encourage you to please complete and submit the LVDRT Registration Form as soon as possible. Note: You DO NOT need to be a member of the LCC to participate in this program.

To complete and submit registration ONLINE:

To submit via snailmail:
LVDRT Registration Form