The Hearing Master released his rendering today. To view it, click here: Hearing Master Rendering 4-6-15

The applicant has requested a Continuance to the March 16, 2015 Special Land Use Hearing.

Today being the deadline to submit revisions to their application, the applicant has submitted a reduction in their student capacity by 150, to 870 total (Phase I = 600, Phase II = 270). According to their revised Traffic Study, submitted today, shows this project's traffic as 2,158 additional cars per day. We feel that this is NOT a substantial reduction, and remains a project of inappropriate size and scope for the proposed location.

The applicant has until February 4, to request a Continuance to the March 16 Hearing, otherwise this case will be heard on February 16.

The applicant has submitted a revised Traffic Study and Site Plan (please see "Documents"). NOW is the time to submit letters to the Record for the Hearing Master's consideration in determining to either approve or deny this application. A sample opposition letter, with contact information, is included in the "Documents" page. 

The Sunlake Academy Special Land Use application (15-0071) has been continued until the February 16, 2015 Hearing.

The applicant, at the County's request, is expected to submit a revised site plan soon. They have until 1/27/15 to submit it to make the February 16 Hearing. We are encouraging people to wait to submit input until AFTER they have submitted their revisions. Otherwise, we are just responding to soon to be outdated information.

As soon as revisions are submitted, we will let everyone know. Until then, the best action to take is to inform your neighbors and friends about this proposed project.


The Sunlake Academy proposal (15-0071) has been Continued to the Februray 16th Special Land Use Hearing.

The Coalition is holding a Sunlake area Community meeting, to discuss this proposal, on Thursday, January 8, at 7pm, at the Masonic Lodge (3109 W. Lutz Lake Fern Rd). PLEASE, make every effort to attend, and bring a neighbor!

The Coalition has developed a Sunlake Core Group, and is working with many of the area residents. There will be a community wide meeting held by the Coalition in the near future to discuss this proposed project. Anyone wishing to be added to our contact list should send an email with their name, address, phone number, and email address to admin@lutzcitizenscoalition.com.

We are pleased to announce that this case has been continued to the January 20, 2015 Special Land Use Hearing.

In reviewing the submitted documentation for this project, we have discovered inaccurate calculations (i.,e., Queueing Plan calcuation), and incorrect statements. Also, there has not yet been a Transportation Analysis submitted for proposal.

The Coalition will soon schedule a meeting for all concerned local residents in order to gather their input and to determine what, if any, position and/or action they wish to undertake.