Document Review for 17-0897 (Self Storage Units proposed for Crystal Lakes Blvd. and Hwy. 41).

To view information on this project:
View Architectural Renderings
View Entrance rendering HERE.
View exterior rendering HERE.
View northeast looking rendering HERE.
View office rendering HERE.
View southest looking rendering HERE.
View typical facade rendering HERE.
View the Notice 
View their Request HERE.
View their Site Plan HERE.
View their Traffic Study HERE.
View the Previous Conditions HERE.

(As usual, the Coalition has NOT yet taken a position on this proposal, nor will we until after we have had an opportunity to discuss it with those Lutz residents who may be directly effected by it.)

7/31/2017 Followup to tonight's community meeting regarding 17-0897.
The owner's reps/developer presented the proposed project to approximately 50-60 people in attendence, including numerous members of the Coalition. They presented the company's history, existing facility locations, and showed site plans and elevation drawings. During the presentation, they answered a multitude of questions regarding traffic concerns, screening buffers, setbacks, wetland, and lighting. The Coalition remains uncommitted in either supporting or opposing this proposed project.

Also during this meeting, the President of the Coalition took a huge gamble. At the risk of appearing, to those not familiar with the Coalition, as supporting this proposed project, I asked the Owner's rep if he would agree that "IF this project was approved by the Hearing Master, to allow a representative of either the Coalition or the LCA to participate in the Site Development phase" (in which residents and community groups presently are completely shut out of). And, many changes are made to proposed projects during this phase.

Before the owner's rep could answer, two Lutz residents (who are unfamiliar with either the Coalition or the LCA) voiced grave reservations about the Coalition or LCA "talking for the community, or for them". They obviously felt as though we were supporting this project. That said, I cannot blame either of them for voicing those concerns. I would have done exactly the same thing.

But, what they are unaware of, is the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice that the members of the Coalition have poured into defending Lutz from innapropiate and unsustainable growth over the past 5 years! More importantly, they are NOT aware of the only three words that matter in the short 15 minutes that the opposition gets at the Hearing to state their case, "Competent...Substantial...Evidence". They are not aware that the Coalition actually does NOT adopt a supporting or opposing position, unless and until, the community decides, AND that there are enough grounds upon which to base that position, solely dependent upon those same three words, "Competent Substantial Evidnce".

Though I do not blame either gentleman for voicing their concern, I DO believe that we may have missed a very unique opportunity to set the precedent of having obtained a seat at the Site Planning table.

We greatly encourage anyone who either supports or opposes this project, to attend the Land Use Hearing on Monday, August 21, and let their voice be heard. The meeting is held in the 2nd Floor Commissioners Board Room, County Center Building, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa.

7/24/2017 (17-0897) Community Meeting
There will be a community meeting regarding this proposed project on Monday, July 31, at 6:00pm, at the Lutz Community Center. This meeting is being held by the developer/owner, at the encouragement of the Coalition. PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO ATTEND!

NEW PROJECT: (17-0897) Scheduled Hearing date is 8/21/2017.
Representatives from the Coalition and the Lutz Civic Association were invited to meet yesterday with the planners, developers, and owners' reps for a proposed self-storage facility proposed for the north-west corner of U.S. Hwy. 41 & Crystal Grove Blvd. (just north of McDonalds).

At the Coalition's encouragement, arrangements are being made by the owners to hold a Lutz community meeting, as soon as possible, to explain their project, and to answer any questions. As soon as the date, time, and location of the meeting is known, we will immediately email it out to Coalition members and contacts.

As usual, the Coalition has NOT yet taken a position on this proposal, nor will we until after we have had an opportunity to discuss it with those Lutz residents who may be directly effected by it.

To view more information on this project:
View the Notice 
View their Request HERE.
View their Site Plan HERE.
View their Traffic Study HERE.
View the Previous Conditions HERE.

Charter Schools USA (SLU 17-0627)
I was just notified by Morris Massey, the attorney for CSUSA, that their application for a 1,143 student, K-8, charter school proposed for County Line Rd/Livingston Ave, HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN!! 

Proposed 1,145 student Charter School: County Line Rd/Livingston Ave (SLU 17-0627)

A Community meeting is being held by the developer of the proposed 1,145 student K-8 Charter School on 18+/- acres on Countyline Rd., just east of Livingston Ave. The meeting will be held on Thursday, March 30, 6pm, at the Lutz Community Center (98 1st Ave., NW, Lutz). PLEASE, make every effort to attend this important meeting.
View the project's submitted "Request" HERE.
View the Site location HERE.
View the proposed Site Plan HERE.

Lutz Lake Fern Academy (Revised Sunlake Academy 15-0071)
As you are aware, last April, the Sunlake community and the Coalition mounted a huge opposition against the proposed Sunlake Academy charter school proposed for Lutz Lake Fern Road and Sunlake Blvd. Unfortuantely, despite our best efforts (and a dynamic presentation at the Hearing), the school was granted approval by the Hearing Master, with conditions.

Several months later, we were notified by the company's representative, that the school decided against building at that proposed site.

Unfortunately, this project has recently been resurrected, this time as the "Lutz Lake Fern Academy". Since the approval has already been granted by the Hearing Master (Sunlake 15-0071), we, the residents and citizens of Lutz, have NO recourse, NO input, and NO further opportunity to object to it. Subsequently, an application to modify the SLU Permit (from K-8 to K-12) has been submitted. The Hearing is scheduled for March 7, 2016.

We met with the County last week regarding this project, and with the exceptions of a couple of minor details, the Couny is going to recommend approval of this modification.
To review the recently submitted documents by clicking HERE.


14-0977 Dale Mabry Academy
This newly proposed project is for a 1,150 student, K-8 grade Charter School proposed for N. Dale Mabry Hwy. (.4 miles north of Exciting Idlewilde Blvd). For more information, please click here.

Variance 15-0809 (Pulte Homes)

Pulte Homes has submitted an application for a Variance from the "Flag-shaped lot" requirement of the Land Development Code. The property is located between Sunset Lane, Debuel Rd., Hanna Rd., and west Lake Stemper.

9/2/2015 UPDATE:
The Hearing Master has released his decision on Pulte's Variance Request from the flag-shaped lot requirement. Click HERE to read his decision.


8/12/15 Update:

Click HERE to review the Minutes from the 8-10-15 Variance Hearing.

The Variance Hearing for 15-0809 was held on Monday, August 10. The Coalition did not attend, however, the Coalition had been in ongoing discussions with Pulte's representatives, up to the day of the Hearing, in an effort to get a Letter Of Agreement in place prior to the Hearing.

Though hesitant to commit to a very specific Letter Of Agreement, Pulte DID offer to, and DID,  introduce their written response to the Coalition's (and area residents') concerns into the Hearing's record. Mr. Massey also testified that Pulte does agree to them, should the Hearing Master make any or all of them Conditions of approval (of the Variance Request). Click HERE to view the submitted document.

It's certainly not as specific as we would have liked, however, if some of them ARE set as conditions of approval, it should help to alleviate some fears (especially regarding community access to the lakes).

Now all we can all do is wait to see what the Hearing Master's decision is, including what, if any, Conditions for approval will be set.

The Hearing Master has 14 days in which to render that decision. We will post both the Hearing transcript and the Hearing Master's decision, as soon as they are released.

7/30/15 Update:
Pulte's community meeting last night, went as expected. According to Pulte, they have further reduced the number of homesites to approximately 50. Their original Application stated 200, they reduced it to 70, and now, to 50.

Because this project is still in the intial phase, Pulte reps answered many of the audience's questions with "we don't know yet", "we're still discussing that", and "we'll let you know".

The Lutz residents' questions and comments mainly centered around four primary concerns,
potential access (now, and future) to Sunset Lane,
2. wetlands interruption,
3. access to lakes Stemper and Hanna, and
4. buffering from existing homes.

Pulte reps stated that they had NO intentions, nor do they desire, any access to Sunset Lane, and that wetland interruption will consist soley to where two internal roads cross over minor portions of two wetlands.

When questioned about the buffering, they explained that they also wanted plenty of buffering from existing homes, so that the new homes will be more "marketable".

Regarding the issue of lake access, they said that they are in discussion now, and will take the residents' concerns into consideration.

Coalition President Mike White expressed that if their comments and stated positions are true, then Pulte should have no qualms about entering into a Letter of Agreement (LOA) with the community, through the Coaltion, regading these issues. Pulte attorney, Morris Massey, stated that Pulte is likely to hold another community meeting in the future regarding these issues.

NOTE: "IF", Pulte holds another community meeting, it will NOT be prior to the scheduled Variance Hearing on August 10.

The Coalition is going to remain in discussions with Pulte, and will seek a LOA regarding the issues explained above, as well as any others that may arise.

Click here to go to the submitted Request.

Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPA 15-05)
CPA 15-05 calls for changing 22+/- acres at Geraci Rd. and N. Dale Mabry Hwy. from RSC-1 (1 single family residence per acre), to RSC-9 (apartments, condos, etc.). A community meeting has been scheduled, by the applicant, on Tuesday, June 2, 6:30pm, at the Lutz Community Center. Please make every effort to attend.

Click here to view the application: (Read More)

Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPA 15-02) 

CPA 15-02 calls for a change in the future land use classification from RSC-1 (one single family home/acre) to RSC-4 (four single family homes/acre) for 77+/- acres (REVISED TO 66+/- ACRES) west of Dale Mabry Hwy. around Geraci Road. The applicants are holding a community meeting on Wednesday, February 25, 2015, at the Lutz Community Center (98 1st Ave. NW, Lutz) to discuss this proposed change.

This case is scheduled for the Public Hearing on March 9, 2015.

(Read More)

Sunlake Academy (SU15-0071)

SU15-0071 is now a revised application for a Special Land Use Permit for two 2 story buildings, 870 student (grades K-8), "for profit" Charter School on an 7.4 acre parcel on the southwest corner of Lutz Lake Fern Road and Sunlake Blvd.

This case has been continued to the MARCH 16, 2015 Land Use Hearing, at 6:00 pm, at Hillsborough County Commissioners Boardroom, 2nd Floor, County Center, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa. 

We encourage everyone to make every possible effort to attend this Hearing. We encourage you to check the "Current Status" page (under "read more") periodically, just in case this project's Application is continued to a future Hearing date.

Should anyone wish to stay abreast of this dynamic issue, please either forward to the Lutz Citizens Coalition's President, Mike White, your name, address, phone number, and email address to:, or, call him at (813) 299-8835.

To review some of the important case documents submitted for this proposal, please click on the "read more" link below. There is also a sample letter should you wish to print, sign, and send it for the Hearing Master's consideration.

We encourage you to check this link periodically, as we will be adding more documents as they become available.

(read more)


Learning Gate Community School
207 Lutz Lake Fern Road
Application #14-0470
Hearing Date: 6/2/14

Special Land Use Modification (of 07-1480) Application from Learning Gate Charter School for 207 Lutz Lake Fern Road to be used as a Private School with a capacity of 250 (6th, 7th, and 8th grade students).

 The coalition is holding a meeting on Saturday, May 10, at 3:00pm, at Oscar Cooler Park, to explain this SLU Modification Application and the SLU process, but more importantly, to garner input from those of whom that will be most directly effected, and to determine what (if any) actions are to be taken. (read more)

Geraci Rezoning
Dale Mabry Hwy. & Van Dyke Road
Application # 14-0126 & 14-0127
Hearing Date: 4/21/2014

(Proposed rezoning from Planned Development (PD) and Agricultural Rural (AR) to a unified Planned Development (PD) 

This proposed Planned Development (PD) ecompasses approximately 252+/- acres, which includes approximately 82+/- acres of wetlands. The project is divided into five (5) development parcels:
Parcel A includes 650 multi-family residential dwelling units.
Parcel B includes 70,000 square feet of office development.
Parcel C includes approximately 11 acres (mostly wetlands) of multi-family residential or office development
Parcel D includes approximately 12 acres also proposed for multi-family residential.
The total maximum number of multi-family residential units developed within Parcels C and D is proposed at 200.
Within Parcels A, B, C, and D adult congregate care facilities are requested.
Parcel E includes a total of 163+/- acres and is proposed to be developed with single family detached residential dwelling units. The minimum lot size sizes proposed are 5,500 square feet and 6,500 square feet. The maximum number of residential dwelling units proposed within Parcel E is 225. (read more)

Application #14-0127
(Proposed rezoning from Agricultural Rural (AR) to Planned Development (PD) for a retail development)

This proposed Planned Development (PD) encompasses approximately 55.23+/- acres, which includes approximately 13.64+/- acres of wetlands
The project has been divided into three (3) development parcels. 
The Planned Development (PD) petition requests a total of 275,000 square feet of retail development.  (read more)


Economic Prosperity Stakeholders Committee:

This Committee was the brain child of Commissioner Sandra Murman who introduced the idea during a BOCC Community Planning Workshop in December, 2011. And, of course, the remaining Commissioners jumped in with both feet.

The EPSC is a "stacked deck" against the true "Stakeholders" of Hillsborough County (the tax paying residents) from the very start. The EPSC is comprised of 19 members and two Commissioners (Murman & Miller). Of the 19 EPSC Committee members, 16 are either builders, contractors, or developers, or, have very close ties to them. And, believe me, the BOCC ARE giving them the keys to Hillsborough County, OUR COUNTY. Lock... stock... and barrel. (read more)


GATES Middle/High School on Sunset Lane (12-0429):

On March 22, 2012, representatives for Learning Gate Educational Foundation, Inc. (LG) filed a Special Land Use Permit application (SU 12-0429) with the Planning and Growth Management Department of Hillsborough County. This was actually a re-filing of a previous SLU application (SU11-0731) for the same project that was withdrawn on March 19, 2012.

For more than two years, a small handfull of local area residents from Sunset Manor and Lake Comiston subdivisions, along with officers from the Lutz Civic Association (LCA) have been negotiating with Learning Gate in order to minimize the impact of this project in their best interests. However, very few other local residents were made aware of this pending project or the negotiations. (read more)

 Highway 41 Medians:

Hwy 41 from Florida/Nebraska apex to the Pasco County line


Walmart Check Presentation. Walmart presents a check for 2 years of maintenance for the Hwy. 41 medians.

As you are probably aware, the Coalition and Senator Legg has been working very diligently, since January, to find a solution to enable us to keep our enhanced medians on Hwy. 41.

We are happy to finally be able to announce, that a solution has been found, and that you are invited to the check presentation to be held at Walmart, 1575 Land O'Lakes Blvd, Lutz, on Monday, September 29, at 11:00am. A press release will be distributed later this week.

Please, make every effort to attend this event to show Walmart, and Senator Legg, our appreciation!

Though the actual administration of the maintenance contracts for the medians will be tasked to a third party, the Coalition has been the "point" organization in providing the coalescent voice of our Lutz residents.

We look forward to seeing you there!!

Don't forget to wear your "Livin' The Lutz Life" t-shirts!!

Mike White, President

Lutz Citizens Coalition

(813) 299-8835

"Livin' The Lutz Life!"

The LCC is pleased to announce that you are invited to a Check Presentation ceremony on Monday, September 29, 11am, at the Walmart, 1575 Land O'Lakes Blvd, Lutz.

Hillsborough County, Senator Legg, and local community groups are identifying available options (somewhat independently), but those options are being "funneled" through the County. A follow up Community Meeting is being scheduled for the third week in March to present these options to the community. Please check back regularly as we will post it and send email notices as soon as a firm date is set.
GREAT NEWS! A solution to the Hwy. 41 "Median Maintenance" dilemma HAS been found. Details are still being negotiated.  It will be announced ASAP.
A huge "Thank You" to all who sent letters, faxes, emails, phone calls, or attended last week's meeting. See, the voice of Lutz, YOUR voice, can be heard as long as we remain vigilent, unified, and respectful.
Last night's meeting with Hillsborough County and FDOT was quite interesting. It was VERY well attended, and of those there, almost 25% are members of the Coalition! Despite Bay News 9's "hatchet job" on the piece that ran today (the 27 second piece made Lutz residents appear to have torches and pitchforks), the LCC members who spoke were firm, factual, professional, and respectful.

Hillsborough County Assistant County Administrator, Lucia Garsys, admitted that they had"dropped the ball" in not including the community in trying to identify alternative options before arranging the removal of the ground cover, grass, and almost 100 trees from the medians on the 7 mile stretch of Hwy. 41 (between the apex and the Pasco County line).
The County asked for more time to work with FDOT and the Lutz community in order find a solution to this dilemma.
That said, the Coalition has some new information (no, not from the County) which we can not share just yet, but suffice to say ... do NOT worry about our Hwy. 41 medians. It will be ok.
After a concerted effort by many Lutz residents and several Lutz citizen's groups, the County has scheduled a meeting with Lutz residents to identify options available to maintain our Hwy. 41 medians as they are now.
The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 24, 6:30PM, at the Lutz Community Center (in front of the Library).
After seeing the orange ribbons and paint markings on the trees in the medians on Hwy. 41 in Lutz, we contacted Steve Valdez, with Hillsborough County Public Works.
Mr. Valdez relayed that the trees marked with orange ribbon will remain, but trees marked with a painted "X", all shrubs, and ground cover, will be removed from the medians on Monday, January 13. This is due to the private landscaper, who maintained the medians for the past 4 years, is now unable to do so. As a result, the State mandated that the medians go back to State Standards.
No attempts to make the public aware. No notice given. No opportunity to find an equitable solution. Just tear tear out beautiful Crepe Myrtles, shrubs, and ground cover and replace them with bahia grass.
Mr. Valdez also relayed that because this is scheduled to happen on Monday, January 13, there is not enough time for community groups, citizens, etc., to intervene. According to Mr. Valdez, it's a "done deal". (read more)



Crystal Acres (12-0840):  (read more)


NE corner of Lutz Lake Fern Rd. & Merry Lane

Audrey Eve Pinna
c/o Sanford Pinna, M.D.
Folio #: 012580.4003
Zoning Case #: 12-0840

This project is for a proposed 12,000 sq/ft Professional Office Park comprised of 2 - 6,000 sq/ft buildings. The property is currently zoned RSC-2 with a future-land use designation of R-1. The property is 4.2 acres total, with 2.31 proposed for develoment.

The zoning hearing is scheduled for February 18, 2013.

Those in opposition may wish to contact:
Ron Broadrick
2620 Hunt Rd.
Land O'Lakes, FL.